Embossed Foil Labels

Providence Label & Tag Company has produced award-winning embossed labels for over 45 years. Our embossed labels are produced using a custom made heavy foil having permanent adhesive which no other supplier offers. Other embossed label producers use a standard lightweight foil label material, which greatly impacts the quality of an embossed label.

Embossed labels are used in a wide range of products including education diplomas, awards, certificates, presentation folders, candles, jewelry and related industries and many more. Embossed labels have long been seen as a sign of guaranteed quality and pride and can add to the prestige of a diploma or certificate, or give a beautiful high-end look to a product. We have proudly manufactured embossed labels for government agencies, and heads of state like the President and First Lady.

We offer a wide range of adhesives on our heavyweight foil label materials, and can help you to choose the best material and adhesive for your labels based on the application. Most of our embossed labels are manufactured using our custom made heavyweight foils but there are instances when a lightweight foil is better suited for some embossed label applications.

Embossed labels are available in numerous color options such as bright or matte gold, bright or matte silver, copper or bronze, and custom foil colors are also available upon request. Non-metallic materials such as papers, boards and polys are also used in making embossed labels and we are happy to discuss those options with you as well.

Blind embossed labels offer a bold and simple look by embossing the foil without the use of ink. This was at one time the more common type of embossed label but a two-tone label embossed with ink is now the more common choice. Printing a matching metallic colored ink (in reverse) on a bright foil provides a beautiful two-toned embossed foil label effect. We also offer full color labels with embossing which are often used in the beverage industry, including wine and spirits.

We use a male/female embossing die set to create our award-winning embossed foil labels. This tool never needs replacement, no matter how many embossed labels it produces. Embossed labels have raised copy and graphics, with the background of the label being pressed into the foil. We specialize in having both embossing and debossing design features, as well as offering multi-level embossed foil labels.  

Before purchasing embossed labels from any supplier, please request samples to evaluate the quality of the embossing. Because of the 
heavyweight foil we use, we achieve a superior level of embossing that is unmatched in the industry. This is particularly important with embossed label designs containing intricate details and small wording.

Embossed labels are most commonly produced on rolls, but sheeted or single embossed labels are also available. Embossed foil labels are not recommended for outdoor applications but we are happy to recommend other label options for your particular needs. First-time embossed label orders take approximately five to seven days to produce, depending on design requirements.

If submitting artwork for an embossed label, please send a vector file with all fonts converted to outlines to art@providencelabel.com. Our design team will gladly recommend any modifications to your artwork to achieve a beautiful embossed label for your needs.