Embossed Foil Labels

Providence Label & Tag began producing custom embossed foil labels over 40 years ago, and while our company and capabilities have grown, embossed foil labels are still a large part of our business. Custom embossed labels are able to give jewelry, gift items, and numerous other products a very classic and high-quality look.

Embossed labels are often used in the jewelry industry for price and quality marking labels, as well as on product packaging to display the company logo. This method is also commonly used for embossed anniversary seals which are a great way to celebrate a company’s milestone.

Typically we use a heavyweight embossing foil custom-made to our specifications.  Bright or matte gold and silver are the most common materials used although other options like copper and bronze are also available. For a very high end look we can emboss with a gold or silver ink, giving your custom embossed label a beautiful two tone finish. We are also able to tint the foil and emboss with any color ink to achieve the unique label you are looking for. Blind embossed labels are another option. This process does not require ink, but is simply an embossed foil label with adhesive.

Examples of embossed label uses include:

    • Anniversary labels
    • Product packaging labels
    • Jewelry labels and tags
    • Award and diploma labels

Request samples today either through our website or by phone, and you will see the true look and quality of our custom embossed foil labels.