Food & Beverage Packaging Labels

The food and beverage industries are rapidly becoming a large part of Providence Label & Tag’s business and is continually expanding every day. Whether it be salsa or hot sauce labels, bakery labels, wine labels, or any other type of food or beverage label, Providence Label is able to provide you with high-quality custom printed labels, quickly and affordably.

We manufacture a wide array of custom printed labels that are used in the packaging of food and beverage products including:

    • Product labeling
    • Identification labels
    • Nutrition labels
    • Ingredient labels
    • USDA/FDA labels
    • Bar code labels
    • Blank thermal labels
    • Custom printed thermal labels
    We carry many specialty materials and adhesives in stock to meet your labeling needs and applications. This allows us to deliver your labels faster and at a more competitive price.

    A unique trend in the food and beverage packaging industries is the use of pre-printed thermal labels. These thermal labels are often printed in numerous colors with your company logo and information. An area is left blank to allow you to print your specific variable information. This method is used for companies that need specific quantities of each item, or need to print the date and time that the product was produced, or sell by dates, directly on the label.

    This is a time saving, cost-effective solution for food and beverage companies and is a unique alternative to obtain the look of a custom full color label, with the cost-effectiveness of a thermal label.

    Contact us today to discuss further options for your custom food and beverage label needs. Let us find the perfect solution for your packaging needs.