Specialty Labels

Providence Label & Tag offers a wide range of custom printed specialty labels, and we are constantly coming up with new unique items to fit our customers’ needs. Let us know what you are looking for today. One of our service representatives would be happy to work with you to find a solution for your particular need.

Common types of specialty labels include:

    • Window labels
    • Static cling labels
    • Recessed cavity labels
    • Tamper-evident labels
    • Destructible labels
Window labels are applied to the inside of windows and show the message on the outside of the window. We are also able to print two sided window labels that show the message on both sides of the window, or more commonly on both sides of a glass door, by using a material that prevents the image from showing through.

Static cling labels are often used for sunglasses and watches to apply a label to the surface to advertise or protect, and this material is used to insure that the label will come off cleanly without leaving any adhesive residue on the product. This is done with a unique static cling material that adheres itself to a smooth surface without any adhesive at all.

Recessed cavity labels are unique labels that fit into recessed areas or cavities. These labels need to be the exact shape and size of the area for a perfect fit and require a specialty cutting die. These custom labels can range from fitting into cavities on jewelry boxes, to wall plaques, to outdoor equipment.

Tamper-evident labels and destructible labels are used for security purposes to show evidence of tampering. Tamper-evident label stocks change in appearance when an unsuspecting user attempts to alter or remove this type of label. The word “VOID” or a checkerboard pattern will repeatedly appear throughout the label. It is impossible to eliminate this effect once the label has been tampered with.

Destructible labels are used in applications when the customer does not want the label to be removed in one piece, and transferred to another product by a consumer. This material breaks down into small fragments, or destructs, when attempted to be removed. This type of material is often used for automobile registration stickers to prevent tampering and sticker exchange between vehicles.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to specialty labels. Call or e-mail us today at sales@providencelabel.com to find out more about our specialty labels and our capabilities.

Please call us for any label, tag, or flexible packaging need you may have.  Even if we don’t offer what you are looking for, we have many friends in related industries that we can direct you to. We have learned that a good recommendation will have you keep us in mind in the future.